Case Study Report

The case studies provide a baseline level of Open Access (OA) activity at each of the opeNWorks project universities during the period 2013-14 based on set criteria, eg, number of staff supporting OA, number of deposits in the institutional repository, number of article processing charges (APCs) paid.

To ensure that the project achieves its goal of creating a regional community of good OA practice, it was important to develop:

  • a good awareness of the support infrastructure in place at each institution,
  • the level of engagement with OA,
  • the impact of the first year of the RCUK OA policy, and
  • expectations of OA support going forward.

Analysis of the case studies identified common challenges for all institutions, ie, implementing the HEFCE OA policy and OA advocacy, and highlighted some difficulties encountered during the case study period, eg, reporting on total APC expenditure and total research outputs.

Based on the case study analysis the project delivered a workshop (Finding our way after Finch: lessons learned and where they lead’) to gain a more in-depth understanding of the types of toolkit resource institutions with limited levels of OA dedicated staffing would find most useful.

You can access the case study report and the individual case studies here –


Manchester opeNWorks Case Study

Edge Hill opeNWorks case study

Liverpool opeNWorks case study

Liverpool John Moores University opeNWorks case study

Salford opeNWorks case study


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